Thursday, February 9, 2012

Im weak (physically) can i fix it?

the fact is, im just naturally not strong. my genetics suck i get a lot of bad things from my parents this is just one of them. my focus has always been on intelegence, but i want girls to like me and no girl wants a weak pansy for a boyfriend. i have no excersize equipment and my selfesteem is way to low to go to my highschools work out room, and no public gyms are avaliable. help me become less pathetic.....(ps my will is kinda weak recently do to a multitude of other problems, if you can give me a suggestion on how to dedicate myself to whatever excersize your recommend, i would appretiate it a lot!)

Im weak (physically) can i fix it?
push ups will strengthen your arms. and dips. you can do dips with two chairs.

situps helps your abs.

pull ups . you could find a pullup bar somewhwere to put in a doorway.

jumprope also helps strengthen legs.
Reply:Honestly, you must not have seen very many good girls. If all a girl focus's on is your body, what will happen when your eighty, bald, and wrinkly? Will they still love you? Honestly...

But ANYWAYS... You can get some pretty cheap weights off the internet and there are some books on how to achieve the muscles you want.

Good luck!!
Reply:I hear your problem and believe you should work on your intellect and grow your brain. You can first start by using spell check so it is not so obvious to everyone that your english language communicaiton skills also suck. If you want to learn ot exercise then I reccommend you first lean to spell the word (exercise). I would open a dictionary and learn the meaning and spelling of at least 10 words per day.

Outside of that, do you really think a sexy female is all about muscles? Most women want security. They can learn to live with the ugliest dude on the face of the planet if he has enough money. Look at the relationship of the late Anna Nicole Smith and her deceased 90 year old billionaire husband. Do you think it was a match made in heaven or one made made at the bank. Any idiot on steroids can get a body like the Greek God Adonis. Let's assume you got your body into great shape and then found the girl. What next, offer to purchase her a matching bus pass?

Good luck and work on your bank account first. The girls will come naturally.
Reply:well nobody is perfect, dont feel bad, im sure everyone has a weakness
Reply:You just need to get out and move.

Bike, skateboard, walk around, clean the garage, take odd job of mowing the neighbors yards, take a marital arts class, learn to dance...if you learn a modern dance like hip hop or something...the chicks will dig you!

Forget about "trying" to get the chicks to dig you. You've got to do that for yourself. Trust me, once you take the focus off that and focus more on improving yourself and the ways that YOU want to improve...all of that will work out on it's own.
Reply:you'll need to start exercising!!! You should at least start with jogging and walking....... Also sit-up and push up. Is ok if you are not great at these. Just attempt it and do as much as you can. If you stick to it, you'll improve over time. For example, you might can only jog for a block or two now, so walk the rest of it. I mean is better than sitting home and hoping for a miracle to happen without doing anything about it.... Believe in yourself, the world is bigger than your high school so don't let them get to you!! =)

I was bullied at school

I'm colour blind

I am Very thin

Very short



Short sighted

And I have the most beautiful wife in the world

Reply:Take it for serius

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Reply:Run, It calms you down because it releases some enzyme in your brain that makes you feel really good. Also you feel soo much better about yourself. If you have and iPod or Mp3 player, I would bring it on your runs, it works great as a motivation tool!


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