Saturday, February 11, 2012

What is your desktop?? on your computer?? wat is the account name??

lol.. well mine is mcr, its cool, if you have the black parade cd, open up the little booklet, then that little poster that has all 5 band members, a wolf, the gasmask lady, the city in the backround..etc. but thats my desktop, and it says at the top, ''my chemical romance'' in that scribbly writting they use on the cover, and it say ''the black parade'' it looks soo cool, and my account name is ''pansy'' because, well thats my nickname [[lol not in a bad way]], and thats y favorite type of flower..and an inside joke between me and several friends..


What is your desktop?? on your computer?? wat is the account name??
Reply:mine is "bliss"
Reply:my desktop, is a picture i took from a joan jett concert i went to a couple weeks ago, and my account name is personal
Reply:some HP thing, I just got it and im too lazy to change it
Reply:Mine is a picture of Pig, Rat, and Zebra from the "Pearls Before Swine" comic strip. They're sitting in their End O' The World Box, wearing beer hats made from hardhats.
Reply:My desktop picture is my fiancee Chris. Take care!
Reply:mines MCR too, its a pic of the whole band from like the Revenge days, they have the arm bands and gerard has longish black hair and leather gloves on, mikey still had his glasses =) my name thing is just Jackie
Reply:oh mine used to be wut u have but i changed it toa pic of gerard lol its wen he had blonde hair and its such a good pic!!i have a gateway computer now (family computer) and my account name is just elisa (my name) lol
Reply:My desktop is a picture of my cat (I love that little guy) and my account name is Gabriela (which is my actual name)

Reply:The 2006 Patriots Team Photo.
Reply:mines a collage of MCR fromm before they were famous til the black parade.

i found it on the internet somewhere.

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