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Who is the better Baseball fan ? Mets or Phillies fans.?

I am a Mets fan that lives in the Philly area and I can't stand the crying anymore. So I ask you all to reply. It seems like Mets fans go up and down with their team, where Phillies fans are too quick to jump off the wagon when their team is not doing well. There was a discusion earlier saying that Mets fans were too brash and they were actually compared to Yankee fans. (not true). We Mets fans cheer our team no matter what. Grumbling in the crowd is one thing, when something goes wrong we try to steer them in the right direction.. All you Philly fans are just a bunch of crying pansies that don't try to steer them in the right direction you all try to steer them out of town. Maybe your teams would be better if the fans gave them support instead of giving them hell. Cheer on a player that is doing bad, give him some confidence. Well I can go on all night, unfortunately profanity is not allowed so I must stop here. Until you Philly fans give support, get used to the mets in the East. #1

Who is the better Baseball fan ? Mets or Phillies fans.?
Fellow Met Fan, from Florida. I'm with you all the way. Philly Fans are confident. Met Fans are eager %26amp; hungry. And I do think this is Our Year. I wanna a Subway Series. So we can shut those Damn Yankees up? Once %26amp; for all.

Go Mets!
Reply:Ha, i just read this on December 22 and just half to laugh my @ss of b/c this is hilarious...especially since all the mets fans ditched them when they choked while all the Phillies fans cheered their team right into the playoffs...

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Reply:Mr. Met Fan:

I am sorry to say that I am a Cardinal fan, but I will side with the Mets Fans for this question.

I have been to games where Mets fans have come to St. Louis to watch the game, or where I will go to New York to watch the Cardinals, as well as seeing the Phillies play here or there.

The Mets Fans are completely loyal to their team. Whether their team is down 20 runs in the top of the 9th in the World Series, to being 20 games out of 1st, they stick with their team. The Mets Fans understand that people make mistakes, or that people have bad days %26amp; don't play as well as they should be. I like this approach of baseball.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals Fans and the Phillies Fans are just alike. If one pitcher gives up 30 runs within 1 inning, they think that their season is done because everyone else will do the exact same thing. Take for example, Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard. Both of them are getting off to bad starts (In a sense), and people are already writing them off to even think about going to the playoffs, or even better, finishing better than 4th place.

Many of these Cardinals and Phillies Fans are, in reality, hypocritical. Most people will probably like to get a hold of me because I have said that, but they should take a look on how they execute their "cheering" in terms of "staying behind the team"

Until our teams meet again,

Cardinals Fan- TO A DEGREE
Reply:Philly fan is the worst
Reply:Easy- Met fans- just ask Billy Wagner
Reply:I'm glad to say that I'm a faithful Mets fan. When the Mets don't play good, sure I get frustrated, but I understand that it's just one of those days. No team is not gonna win every game and no player is gonna be a monster on the field every single day. I think fans should accept ups and downs as an inevitable part of baseball instead of 'jumping off the wagon' when the team does bad and singing praises only when they do good. I don't quite understand it when someone says a player 'isn't giving it all' in the games. I mean, sure they do. What player doesn't? If there's one thing that Mets fans are really good at, it's believing.
Reply:phillies fans are better...we are with our team no matter what
Reply:im a phillies fan and i have been to many games when a player is in a slump and we cheer him on. sure last year we booed burrel but whwn i was actually there u could hear lots of encouragement. u mets fans are just tryin to be nice to the team so they will play harder, earn the club some money and build a ballpark that isnt crumbling.
Reply:No questions asked......Mets fans have more resolve....You can find New York sports fans all over the country....Florida to Texas to California....In fact....I'd bet that most Philly fans were originally Mets or Yankees fans before jumping off that bandwagon....Anyways....can anybody explain to me what that hideous green mascot of the Phillies has anything to do with baseball.....Go Mets.....This is the year!!!
Reply:the cubs fan
Reply:Phillies fans even though they are my second favorite team. Yankees are my number 1 team then the Phillies then Tigers. GO YANKEES!!!

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