Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are all good girls going out of style?

I'm kinda oldfasioned and I love a sweet girl, don't get me wrong, I like a girk to be sexy and out going but not these newage raunchy sluts and stuck up bitches that seem to be festering everywhere, the ones who are so stuck up that they have this superioiry complex it seems, I just want a sweet girl, who would be happy just being with me and stuff, hell even cuddling (sounds like a pansy I know) and just being together. They don't seem to exist anymore these days

Are all good girls going out of style?
They do exist! There needs to be more guys like you out there and maybe those slutty trampy girls would turn around and say "hey I don't need to be like this for a guy to like me!" Its sad that society makes things too sexed up.
Reply:Well maybe you need some serious dating help like getting in touch with your compatibility with a special girl. Maybe you could explore your options in online dating and find out things about yourself that would attract someone who's interested in some of the same things you like. Take a look at some of the sites I listed and some do have a price, but putting the price on a quality dating relationship is priceless. It's worth every penny and if you're looking for a good selection of women try there don't go looking for women in chat rooms or the bars because you don't know what you'll end up with since folks online are not honest and it's rare to meet someone who's not sitting there lying to you about everything pertaining to them from marital status to looks. You have to be 18+ to sign up with the sites I listed, but if you're not check out the site below the ones I mentioned. Good luck in finding your ms.right :-)
Reply:i have the same feeling! it's just to difficult to find a sweet girl nowadays! well, i'm sure they still exist! sooner or later, we will find them! good luck to you!
Reply:They are out there somewhere, keep looking. Some might be putting up a front because they think guys expect that and are more attracted to that type. It may depend on what age group you are looking at, you don't say your age. If you get to know some of the "sluts" they might actually not be like that at all.
Reply:they are still around but very few, when u find one u like hang on to her
Reply:We'r out here... just have to keep looking!
Reply:don't be so sure. Them sweet girls are still around , or should I say WE are still around. :)
Reply:We exist! I am kinda old fashioned in a way, too. Keep your head up and don't settle for less.
Reply:Sweet girls are all around you mister. However as sweet as they are they will not get serious with you if you are unable to provide for them. No, they are not gold-digging, just making sure that they and their future family is financially secure. They would really be OK with a poor guy who does not have obligations of alimony, child support, a bankruptcy or things like that. You claim to be such a prize, suppose you do not have a criminal background, and you are as nice as you say, you know what your problem is why don't you just say it. No one knows you anyway. Go ahead sir, tell us what is your only little defect. As someone once said If the guy has only $5.00 in his packet I'm OK with that as long as he spends it on me, on us!!!!
Reply:Yep that's the American B*tch.

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