Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do you like my poem?

The sunny sites of spring appearing, Daffodils opening, pansies smiling. Then suddenly sun turns to rain in my brain, the pain is insane, the river slowly shrivels up into mud, then the sudden down pour of my lonely heart turns to a flood! and covers my long lost luv!

Do you like my poem?
I love it as prose. You are talented, but as poetry it lacks:

1. The meter.

2. The rhythm.

3. The Rhyme.

Carry on!
Reply:It is the best poem that I have read on Yahoo Answer to date. Keep writing poetry; it is you calling.
Reply:you've got talent, kid.
Reply:Keep it up and don't mind other people carping about metre and scanning and such. If you are happy to express yourself, then keep doing it. Best of luck..

i liked it
Reply:ooo very good! I like, have you written many more like that then?

Emotion is always very good grounds for writing poetry.
Reply:If you are as pretty as your poem, your parents better have a big frontyard for that long line of boys who are going to be standing there -- rain or shine -- when you are 16!
Reply:i sure do......go head wit your bad self.....oh and when you blow up....can you lend me a dollar?
Reply:pretty good, youre still young trust me you will get better
Reply:a thumbs up to you girl!
Reply:it's cheap, darling, but if you like it, that's all that counts
Reply:Awwww,very nice.
Reply:Try laying it out better. The rhyme was a little strange, but the words were really effective and would so make my teacher cry!!
Reply:its pretty good. i like your use of personification.

racing shoes

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