Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why are people getting more and more sissified?

Elvis, was dirty in the 50's.

Ozzy and Alice Cooper had people freaked out.

Then KISS had moms bofiring theyre records.

Then Twisted Sister and that dumb tipper gore campaign.

Public Enemy and NWA and "explicit lyrics"

Joy Division, Sex Pistols, MC5, X, Wendy O,

Then Spazz and Grimple and great hardcore.

Then Nirvana, butt Trumpet, bikini kill, Jesus and mary chain, at least they had **** to sing about,

Then rock dissapeared,

Now we have pansy boys wearing tighter jeans than i do, w/ better hair and manicures, might i add, and the kids are emulating this crap.

When did looking like a 13 year old chick when youre a guy become cool? And calling all these sissy bands punk and rock is just insulting. Lee Ving and Henry rollins sure the hell didnt tightroll or wear flip flops.

Is America PC-ing themselves into a sissified nation?

Why are people getting more and more sissified?
great point! those of us who actually care about the music industry and the twists and turns it is taking seem to notice this all too often...

consider what the grandparents were thinking when their kids and grand kids started listening to elvis, or rap...

the could have had heart attacks ! and the same thing probably passed through their mind..."what happened to the good ole' blue grass pickin' and strummin'" or "what ever happened to kids who sand choir in church"

The only thing we can be certain about in this crazy world is that things will always change...give it a few years and we will probably be back into the techno pop beats of the 80's....well hell, we are already headed that way...check out maroon five!

at least now we have the ability to download and save all of our all time greats, so one day in the future we can tell our family's what real music was all about.
Reply:Hey, man...don't you remember that Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row, etc. (all those hair bands in the 80s) had better manicures, great hair, and looked better in their tight leather than most women did! Did you forget that?

The 80s styles are popping up again...that's just the way it is. Fashion, just like history tends to semi-repeat itself.
Reply:Oh great...another person crying about rock not being how they want it. Rock is freakin divided right now....MTV isn't as popular as people think and appeal to a very narrow age range at this moment. If you really think rock is dead, then why are their rock bands still here? Did you know NIN, White Stripes all had new albums released this year? RHCP and Muse had one released last year. Do you think all the young boys in the world are listening to Panic At The Disco and My Chemical Romance?

Get it in your head. Trends don't last. They can get repetitious. They can get boring. They change. The emo/garage rock/metalcore scenes are going to collapse soon and new scenes will come with the same bashing. Just shut up and listen to your goddamn music, oK?
Reply:13 year olds buy the music.

The idea is to appeal to those who spend more.
Reply:Dressing like a girl became cool after the Teenybopper faze (with the exception of 80s, but in their defense.. they could eat you alive).

Seriously, I don't think any guy in their right mind would dress like that for pleasure.. they're just in it for the woman. Who's to blame? The woman, curse you!! Music was about expressing your feelings, now it's about who's cool and who's not.
Reply:i call it "whine rock"..after nirvana died the whole living life like a rocker died too. real rockers drink jack daniels and blow lines.
Reply:Yeah, that's pretty much what's going on. Rock on while you still can brother, we're the last of a dying breed.
Reply:The rock music world rarely follows politically correct ideals, it's just what's fashion at the moment - as it was when the punk thing fizzled out the first time and New Romantic electronic bands held sway for a while. Smoke and mirrors, hype and marketing.......
Reply:Lol Im only 17 and I remember my brothers and my mom listening to the 80's rock bands like Motley Crue and sh!t and I liek them. I like the Misfits but I will admit some of this sh!t they consider rock makes me sick like all this emo bullsh!t pisses me off its just a bunch of whiney babies hitting thier parents and crying over thier supposedly miserable lives. I do like korn and otep though and some of the heavy sh!t is good but most of the rock music scene is going to heaven instead of hell where the good rock is

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