Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you think this is a joke also?

They add Ryan Seacrest to the Super Bowl broadcast. Whats next Clay Akein as a sideline reporter? I thought this was a mans sport. These guys should be covering the WNBA. What a bunch of pansies. I am pi$$ed!!!

Do you think this is a joke also?
I hadn't heard that...but I hope so

maybe they'll just have him talk about the musical performers (who are probably going to be just as lame as he is)
Reply:I hope it's not true but it wouldn't be the first mistake that networks have made. Perhaps because the Super Bowl is so popular (a lot of people watch it who didn't watch a game all season) they are just trying to appeal to that audience.
Reply:He's a decent host for an entertainment or music program, but not for a sports program. Hopefully his role will be limited.
Reply:I did not hear that. Unfortunately the NFL feels that the 500 million people that watch the superbowl every year is not enough so they try to target demographics by adding pop music acts (13-25 year old females), funny commercials (25 -50 year old women) and now Ryan Seacrest (10 year old retarted gay boys that probably have severe physical abnormalities)

PS I am only speculating on the last one because I can't think of any other deographic he would be used to target. This dude15 minutes in the spotlight never seem to end.
Reply:it doesnt quite fit does it..its like Britney Spears at a Mensa meeting
Reply:This does not sound like an issue to become up-tight about.
Reply:it is nothing then kjfc#$@%$@$#!
Reply:It's true. But I think he's only committed to the pre-game and half time show. He won't be commentating during the game (I hope)

But come on, he's as qualified as anyone else. After all he was a strong safety for the Dunwoody High School Wildcats in Atlanta when the won the state AAA championship.

I think this is an attempt to draw a younger female audience into the sport, since they are the majority of "Idol"s audience. They are also bigger spenders than men, so more attractive to advertisers. Maybe your "man's sport" is about to be overrun by girls.
Reply:This is terrible news. Men everywhere should riot. I would have more respect if they brought back O.J.
Reply:OK if it's true whats next Michael Jacksons American Daycare.
Reply:A joke? This sounds like a travesty, this is a complete mockery of sports. I hope his capacity is limited. They better have broadcast delay to censor him. Can you imagine the garbage that might come out of his mouth, ......or his *** more than likely. Since he must, he can be involved in the halftime show, but he had better not make one utterance in regards to football.

I don't want to see him on the sideline or even in the stands during the game or pregrame show. If Fox had to grab someone from there, they could have at least grabbed Simon Cowell. At least that would have just been a joke.
Reply:not much of a joke to me
Reply:couldent agree more i heard the same thing if seacrest does do the sb i think its time i stopped watching the sb
Reply:The Super Bowl is not about football. It's about spectacle and a halftime rock concert. It's about who sings the national anthem. It's pathetic.
Reply:ryan sea crest is da SHlT
Reply:maybe they were assigned to do the lingerie bowl, but got switched by accident
Reply:Not to burst your ego, but who are you to judge anybody. He has been broadcasting longer than you ever have. Im sure there is a good reason why they want to use him as a braodcaster. So don't be ignorant and leave folk alone. He is just as much of a man as you are. =)
Reply:uh no?
Reply:not much of a joke, than an opinion.
Reply:If what your saying is true football will never be the same.

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