Thursday, February 9, 2012

Should people with white guilt be put into slavery?

They deserve it for being such pansies

Should people with white guilt be put into slavery?
you need to grow up've put a hat on the avatar?

should have changed your screen name too.

again, and as're ignorant.

2 points.
Reply:Should black people who live in a victim mentality and blame whitey for their failures have their freedoms and liberties taken away, so they can see that they truly do have equlity.
Reply:Listen, I'm sorry you've been exposed to all this hate in your life, but the truth is that no one deserves slavery.
Reply:No. That was easy.
Reply:helll I'm already there.. the slavery thing I mean.. I'm white married woman that does l00% of everything around here.. If I'd have been born a man I could be the one to figure I could come home, hand some 'bimbo' a hundred bucks, (sit on my **** for the rest of the night staring at travel channel) wating for her to whip up stuffed peppers, man.. (I'm keepin' all the extra dough.. I mean it's MY check.. I worked for it, right? I get beer, 'pornos' ...when she is sleepin' too for my effort.) later- (the white bimbo)
Reply:Still Mr. Grumpy face is is stating more anger on the internet.

Awwwwwwww poor baby.
Reply:What is white guilt? Just curious, never heard the term before. And as far as slavery, no one should be enslaved. That is inhumane and wrong. God bless

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