Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don't you wish that the epilogue for HP7 was longer, more detailed?

I mean we don't even know what Harry, Hermione, and Ron became along with everyone else. . .

I realize that the whole comment about Fabian Prewett's watch could have hinted that he had become an Auror, but honestly...

so couple questions

-what do you think harry, ron, and hermione became?

-what happened when the wizarding world realized that Voldemort was dead?

-Does Harry have his own Chocolate Frog card?

-What exactly allowed Harry to see DUmbledore at King's Cross?

-What happened to George after Fed died?

-Is Mcgonagal headmistress?

-Who did Luna end up with, Neville or Dean?

-Were these deaths unexpected or what?

-Didn't your think that Hagrid was gonna die?

-So Draco didn't marry Pansy?

-So do Harry's and ron/herm. kids not know that Harry's famous and all that...?

-why was that battle so short and so few? It seemed like Voldemort had lots(Inferi and stuff ), at his disposal

-did everyone just live happily ever after(krum, weasley, dursleys, etc.?? the list goes on

Don't you wish that the epilogue for HP7 was longer, more detailed?
i read a jkr interview which gave more details:

Harry and Ron are working in the Auror's office at the Ministry (Harry is head of department)

Hermione is "pretty high up" in the department of magical law enforcement.

the trio have really changed the ministry and it is a way better place now.

Jo also said she is planning to write n encyclopedia which will give us all more info
Reply:Well, that's not really "a couple" questions, but...

-I think Harry either became an Auror or a Quidditch player. Ron and Hermione, I'm not really sure.

-They were probably extremely shocked and happy, and declared it a holiday or something.

-Harry most likely has his own Frog card.

-I have no idea.

-Probably running Weasley's Wizard Wheezes to this very day.

-Most likely.

-Who knows? Maybe she's just single and running The Quibbler.

-Yes. I did not want Fred to die.

-Not really.

-We don't know. Could've been anyone.

-I don't think so, considering their comments about the staring at King's Cross. But they might find out at school.

-I don't know.

Reply:I just wish it was less cheesy honestly. Harry Potter was not a happy kind of story and it was already implied the Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione would get together..

I personally think the epilogue could have been a thousand times better. I'm pretending the book ended when Harry went to find Ron and Hermione at the end of the Battle, when the book should have ended...

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