Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why do emo's cut their skin but not their hair?

I always hear these pansy's saying "yeah i cut my legs, and sometimes my wrists" but are they always finished cutting before htey get to their nasty hair? Maybe they can cut their hair first, then cut thereselves...then maybe they can jump in a shower right?

Why do emo's cut their skin but not their hair?
Haha, I love it.
Reply:They cut themselves because they believe that it's the only pain they can control and sometimes to help payback the pain they caused others like making it fair. And not all emo's are cutter. And not all cutters have long hair. I know 2 girls who do. One with long hair and one with short hair.
Reply:haha yeah
Reply:ha ha..i have no clue...they probably just wanna feel the pain
Reply:I didnt know it was "emos" that cut themselves.

I dont understand that principle of cutting of ones own flesh, for pleasure... Seems awful painful to me, as when I get injured by doing some work, it hurts like something I rather forget!

Maybe you can offer to pay for a barber for them? Or is it a "stylist" now?

I wish you well..

Reply:at least they look good and they know it too.
Reply:There is a desperate struggle within a percentage of today's adolescents to be individual. This is a struggle which occurs in all adolescents, it's called puberty.

The struggle itself is currently manifesting itself as the emo group: people who feel they don't fit into any predefined social grouping and so have invented their own social grouping in which to appear different to everyone else. Except, of course, they just all look like one another.

This inner turmoil which urges them to be different also berrates them for not fitting in. They feel wrong for not fitting in and so, some of those with more self-centred tendencies like to cut themselves. It's not only because they don't fit in, but also another way of appearing individual.

All these children who identify themselves as 'emos' actually want is attention and spend all their energies by trying to achieve this, however the only end result is to look pretty pathetic and two-dimensional and incapable of dealing with a phase of their lives which everyone else has to deal with too.
Reply:because the like to feel like they are diffrent then the rest of us that do cut our hair

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