Friday, February 3, 2012

How come it's usually the women who get super offended and report and never have a sense of humor?

women are such pansies. grow up.

How come it's usually the women who get super offended and report and never have a sense of humor?
Really, we have a sense of humour. Have you been obnoxious and reported?
Reply:Men humor is from Mars, women humor is from Venus.

My humor has more to do with Uranus.
Reply:No, some people are just pervs and need to learn to act mature.
Reply:Usually it is men who are the ones saying some dumb sh*t to offend women.
Reply:Ain't gettin any huh?

Well it's not just the women, I had this fat bastard reporting my sister and friends because of some stupid kid trying to be a bad azz

Personally I think the fat phuk was trying to get some himself. I am not a pansy, but I have reported people. Mainly you but I do that with my brother's account hahaha, How the hell would you know whether it was male or female anyway? You got an inside eye or sumpin?
Reply:And just how would you know that? Reporting is anonymous. C'mon, tell us how you've come to this conclusion.
Reply:Beats me.

I do not usually report someone.
Reply:i never reported anyone... i've been reported though
Reply:"Grow up"???? Are you serious??? Women don't throw body parts into every question. And usually, mostly, our questions are for real. Not some stupid nonsense that should be saved for Playboy!
Reply:Try asking a question and not offending people!

Women have a sense of humor that's why they go out with men!
Reply:thats not true..cause dude reported me cause he asks the question" is it ok for me to like big girls" and i responded " yeah you can like a big bitchh, she will never leave you hungry, her fatt asss likes to eat, and she'll keep you warm at nite"...what was so wrong with my answer? his dumb question got a dumb answer and he reported me. dikk head
Reply:Well it's easy to tell that it's women because they are the ones that say, "I'm reporting you!".

I think its kind of a "hall monitor" mentality in which women seem to believe the behavior of others is entirely their business.
Reply:exactly, how is it only women get ofended, mencount too??? or are you just as bad as those with no sense of humor???????
Reply:because their more sensitive then men, and they have to deal with harder situations like getting pregnant and having to deal with a child for the rest of their live so before you start casting your judgment just ask what is wrong and try to make it better
Reply:If you're making fun of people I think it's you that needs to grow up.
Reply:because they're more sensitive than men.....

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