Friday, February 3, 2012

Who else is really sad that they didnt have a valentine?

I asked a lot of girls out and stuff but they all called me a loser or a pansy and walked away

How can I make sure that next Valentines Day Im not all alone and have a lady to spend it with?

Who else is really sad that they didnt have a valentine?
Next time spend Valentines Day outside of Australia. You should have better luck then.
Reply:Shoot yourself in the head ! than go date Anna Nilcole Smith !

Just kidding - dont do that !
Reply:im sorry mate i couldnt guarntee any thing , but masturabation is always an answer,you never get a knockback
Reply:you should get to know some girls around you and become there friends. Be nice kind and caring to them and before you know it when the next V-day comes around you will be able to ask one of them out and they probably wont turn you down. The other girls probably didnt know you that well and thats why they turned you down, first get to know them and they will see what a great guy you are. Remember every good and lasting relationship starts with a friendship
Reply:Self confidence!!!!!,....Stop looking,Stop trying,love comes along when you least expect it!

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