Friday, February 3, 2012

Beauty pageants for young children like 7 yrs on down??

im not to keen on it but i may just be a pansy or something. what do you think?

Beauty pageants for young children like 7 yrs on down??
Seeing young girls looking like streetwalkers is sickening. They are made up to look like little whores. It's a sad thing to do to a little child.

... Yes, it is horrible to use the term streetwalker for little girls. However, looking at some photos of children that age in pageants, that is what they look like.

The photo on this link of that little girl in the left corner... ick.

Why on earth are the crowns bigger than their heads? ICK.

Another ick...

Why the make up? Children have natural beauty. It's a shame that parents need to make them up to make them look... wrong.
Reply:I think they're pretty stupid and detrimental to the kids' psyches. They're very unnatural, and kids need to be kids to grow up properly. Sure, some kids are very cute, but to exploit that for the glorification of the mothers - which is usually the case - is just wrong.
Reply:I was in them, I was really little and don't remember much about them. I do remember one time my mom didn't bring my change of clothes for afterwards and it put me in a terrible mood seeing as I was wearing a dress and it was cold out.

I do remember when I grew out of the dresses, I put them on my brother who was 5 years younger.
Reply:My daughter is almost 4 and has been in 2. I let her make the choice and she loved it. She didn't look like a "streetwalker" as another person said. It is horrible to use that term to describe a child under the age of 7.

As long as it isn't being forced on the child, and the child is making the decision to do these pageants, then I think it is fine.
Reply:i thinks its ok when the kid is enjoying it and the parent isnt pressuring them into it. as long as the child is happy and isnt getting treated like a human barbie, with fact nails, hair, make up.. then i think it is ok. just not the crazy parents who could make a kid crazy like them!
Reply:I think 18 and younger shouldn't even be allowed. Talk about some of the reasons why teenage girls get down on themselves is by thinking that these models are normal. When clearly some of them have many issues including eating disorders.
Reply:its okay if its a once in a while thing... don't be one of those crazy moms tho who put make up on their kids and are all obsessive

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