Friday, February 3, 2012

Who thinks American Football is the wimps version of Rugby??

why the need for all the padding??.. whats the dancing about when they get a touchdown it just makes them look gay??..

I prefer Rugby with proper hard nut challenges what real men play not pansies who are scared of getting bruised..

Who thinks American Football is the wimps version of Rugby??
Rugby is the toughest sport in the world especially rugby league.

American Football is ok, I dont mind watching it, but it is still a bit gay.

"Yeah yeah, We made 1 yard lets have a dance and tug each other off. wooohooo."

As for them being big as sombody said,? theuy are big but most of them are just tubby lumps of fat, who would get punished for being so unfit if they were playing any code of rugby.
Reply:the americans
Reply:Just because they wear padding doesn't make them "gay"... if hadn't noticed there aren't too many rugby clubs in the States.
Reply:definatly not!!!!!!!!!! i love football
Reply:I do think rugby is more physical than American football, rugby is a much better game!
Reply:I dont know anything about Rugby but I do about Football.....I do not like to watch It ! Many do though its just a matter of oppinion and everyone is different!
Reply:Both these games are very physical. In rugby you are not allowed to tackle a player above the shoulders or while he's in the air. In American football you can tackle a player where ever when ever. Rugby players also wear protective gear, although not so visible to the public. You can be assure none of these two games are for sissies.
Reply:There is no way American footballers would be able to play rugby without the comfort of all that padding don't think their bodies would take it!
Reply:Yes I love rugby so much more, American football is just gay, with all the padding, that's just stupid.

Rugby is a man's game, not for Sissy boys....
Reply:simply no comparison the yanks wouldnt know a good sport even if hit them square in the face!
Reply:I like both but they both different from each other and as rough as each other. I think statistically there's more injuries in american football than rugby...
Reply:I've played both and while I think Rugby is a much better game, by no means is football for wimps. As for the padding in American Football, I'd say it contributes as much to the injuries as it does prevent them.

I'm with you on the dancing bit though.
Reply:Honestly i dont think it s the "wimps" version of it ;-) it s just A version of it. Just like Baseball is A version of cricket. Americans came from Europe, so i guess they wanted to take the "old" sports and turn it around a little to make it "American". I like to watch both though. Men in Shorts or tight pants doesnt matter to a girl :-D no but seriously, just a version.
Reply:Have you ever seen the size of our football players? They are so rough that even WITH padding, they are hurt, knocked unconcious, get limbs broken, and have injuries bad enough to stop their careers. How hard would someone have to get hit to render the padding ineffective?
Reply:As a response to what Stryker said; I don't think that rearranging faces would be necessary. Just to be fair I posted the same question "Rugby vs. Football" under American Football and 7 people said rugby was tougher while 3 said football was tougher (I would say 4 for football but one girl didn't even know what rugby was.)
Reply:Football is for men who can take a beating and not cry about it.

Rugby is for barbaric, insane, sadistic bloodthirsty killers. Football can't even compete! Rugby for life.
Reply:Tell this to an American football player so he can rearrange your face.
Reply:It most certainly is
Reply:Certainly is.

And Rugby is the wimps version of Aussie Rules....
Reply:Both Rugby and American Football come from Rugby School in England
Reply:i agree with you (benks) its makes them look abit suprised one of the villiage people are not dressed up as one.all that dancing and slapping each other on the ***,is just too much for me.have you ever seen a movie called "space balls" with all those idiotic men running around in a space ship wearing that ridiculous helmuts and padding?take all that armour off and put them in a real rugby game,we`ll see how long they`ll last.anyways what did you make of the boks versus the aussies this weekend?
Reply:yes yes yes well said mate.. thank you some who agrees with me. my girlfriend is american and we moan at each other all the time over that question lol.

she still my sunshine though!!!!!
Reply:well its not too wimpy, but rugby is a lot better than American football
Reply:i wouldnt say that, both versions can be a bit rough!
Reply:Most deffinately, football players wont be able to handle a proper rugby match!!!
Reply:aww its just a bit boring compared to Rugby Proper. Aussie rules is not rugby its a bunch of drunk Aussie's runnin around in a circle tryin to find the pub.
Reply:How can you even compare the two. One is a stop start garish made for TV and commercial breaks game trying to sell itself as "intelligent", full of overgrown boneheads covered in poncy body armour who spend more time off the field than on it.

The other is a proper gentleman's sport, made for real normal size people to play without the need for expensive equipment, and everyone plays right to the end, non stop.

Of course to summarise one of the answers above which highlights one of the main differences, if we disagree with the Americans they will rearrange our faces, sounds like their foreign policy too !!!

Easy decision.
Reply:I've played both. I much prefer Rugby. In Rugby, a real mans game incidently, there are no pauses for committee meetings every few seconds.
Reply:If you think its a wimps game why dont you come and try it. Contact Dublin
Reply:Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock (WWE wrestler and actor) was asked a similar question whether he enjoyed playing rugby or american football and he said that he prefered playing rugby because it was more physical and had to be more fitter and the best thing about it was that there was no pads.

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