Friday, February 3, 2012

Why should I remain a Democrat?

They sold us out. Again and again. The war. Our civil liberties. Health Care. Education reform.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when Shumer and Feinstein voted "yes" to approve Mukasey, the attorney general who believes torture is awesome.

I'm done with the Democratic party--I registered Republican and voted for Ron Paul. Screw the Democrats. They're a bunch of pansies.

I'm going to switch to an Independent, and NEVER go back. I didn't leave the party; the party left me.

Why should I remain a Democrat?
well, if you are going to switch, at least switch to a green. Cynthia McKinny will fight for the things you mention. It is similar to the dems but not corrupt and part of the one party system masquerading as a two party system.

check out her video and see

I know it is frustrating..the dems ignored their mandate but they are slightly better than reps.

I like Paul..he is honest and good on war and civil rights but not good on financial and fiscal things at all and he wants the fair tax which will really hurt poor, disabled people like me.
Reply:You shouldn't be a Democrat. The Republican party has the same beliefs as our Founding Fathers and they did an excellent job at creating a place for us to live today.
Reply:To all those who think that the Republican party is for racist rich white people, remember... It was a Republican who ended slavery.

If the Civil War were fought today, Democrats would be demanding an immediate withdrawal of our troops.
Reply:Well, it depends upon your views. Generally, if your a liberal, you'll like the democratic candidates more. If you a conservative, you'll like the republican candidates more.
Reply:You should remain a Democrat because we Love you!

And no I'm not a pansie (by the way whats I pansie???) I guess I'll google it up! Oh well one less Loser in our party have Fun!
Reply:Not if Obama is the Democratic candidate.
Reply:I cannot think of one reason.

Of course, I am a Republican. :)
Reply:No, Vote Republican if hillary is the Nominee

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