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Why did God make us?

He's supposedly perfect, has his own kingdom, every thing's great except some pansy Satan. Why create us? Are we just a game of Sims to him? does he even care about us? Are we just entertainment? If he loves us and wants us to believe, why's he so cryptic? Why can't he flat out make his presence know? I've come to this conclusion. The God portrayed in the bible is unloving. Who would want to spend eternity with him anyway? I'd pick Hell over spending it all with a person like that.

Why did God make us?
I guess you have to believe god made us in order to wonder those things. To me it seems more likely that nothing "made" us.
Reply:You sound so ignorant and selfish. Why do couples decide to have a child? To create something beautiful out of love. To take care of it, watch it grow, to be proud of what it will become. God gave us free will...its one of the selfless gifts one can give. Free will to decide whether we will believe in him or not; if he wanted to be a dictator, we wouldn't be the way we are.
Reply:It was for the hell of it
Reply:God loves us sooooo much, that even after humanity greatly offended him (sin) after giving us everything we needed to be happy (garden of eden), God sent his only-beloved Son, our LORD Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for our sins! THe LORD Jesus Christ loves us so much, that he was willing to endure so much suffering for YOU and ME! Praise the LORD! Satan was nothing more than to destroy you, satan hates you so much, because you are made in the image of God. God bless.
Reply:That's a good question I've often wondered about myself. The answer I was given by my church is that God created mankind to fellowship with Him, and to offer Him praise. That raises a few questions too...

Why didn't God need fellowship for the first half of eternity, before he created mankind?

What happened that all of a sudden God needed friends and fellowship?

Why does an omnipotent being feel the need to be praised? Why does He command that we praise him? Is God that egotistical?

Good questions...
Reply:Why did we make Disneyland??

For fun.
Reply:Idiots created god.
Reply:why create us? - because he loved us first...

are we just a game of Sims? - would you be willing to die for some characters in your Sims game?

Why can't he flat out make his presence know? - right now we are so deep in sin that if He would show himself to us face to face we would simply die - but you know what? He made know himself to us really clearly.

and talking about unloving God - if he would be so unloving would he still be waiting and giving us second chance? If he wouldn't love us he would destroy us right at the beginning, don't you think so? Just get rid of us and that's it. But he keeps waiting and forgiving and when we say "I am sorry" He acts like nothing happened - you call that not loving? ... i don't know - maybe? hmmm


yes that's true they often act like that or they pritend they don't think that but in reality you can feel they reject "you" as a sinner. Well - I am a christian but it is not because of people...(I am sorry to say that but it is kind of true)...
Reply:he wants to be kind

he cant be kind without someone to be kind to. thats his only flaw if that can be considered one
Reply:One big reason God created us, was that in order for Love to exist there must be "two of something". God, being "One" created us in order for "Love" to manifest between us.

...not much different than the reasons why we have children (when they are consciously created).

Another reason we were created -- or why we are here is simply to "have experience".

I do not believe HE is 'cryptic', but that those we listen to want or wish us to believe this is so -- and have even put many 'institutions', rules, interpretations, etc., etc., in order for it to appear that "no one can know God" (except maybe those who are in positions of 'speaking for' or representing God on this earth).

The problem of God "making His presence known" is NOT a problem caused, created, or to be solved by God. This is YOUR responsibility.

It is written (spoken of) MANY times throughout many "inspired scriptures" -- including The Bible that God is "within". The problem is, is that we are unable and/or unwilling to learn how (or take responsibility) to discover this on our own.

Do you believe that you have "a spirit" (or a 'divine spark' or whatever you wish to call it) which resides within you?

Where then do you believe that this "spirit" came from?

If you believe that it came from God, then how would it NOT "be God" (or an integral part of God)?

And, being part of God -- or being from God, would not also this "spirit within" also be "holy"?

And, be the way that you and God "communed" with each other?

And, if you were able and willing to commune with God in this manner, would you not then discover (or come to know) "God"?

So, if you admint that you know very little about God, then how is it that you can judge the actions and behaviors of God as being "unloving"?

Remember, the actions of God are or were being portrayed in The Bible BY MEN as being what you are referring to as "unloving".

I will agree that when comparing the portrayals of God in the Old Testament and the New Testament that there indeed seems to be a "difference". But are you sure that this "difference" isn't due to the people that God was dealing with, rather than anything about Himself?

You make a VERY important statement and/or observation about God when you say why would be want to spend eternity with Him -- especially as He is portrayed as being "unloving".

I would go a bit further and say or ask why it is that anyone would want to spend an eternity with Him, if when we 'misbehaved' (as ignorant, inexperienced, rebellious children will do) that we only get one chance, and then He will punish us "forever and forever".

What if this was NOT the case? Or that this is what is, has been taught to you in order to maintain control over you?

I believe that you are probably correct about Satan "being perceived" or "presenting himself" as "being nicer". However, the end and/or future result of him being nice in the "here and now" may have a VERY different ending or purpose than you might suppose.

Don't worry -- most of us follow the dictates and precepts of Satan without even knowing it.

What is it that you expect God to say or do to convince you of anything; i.e., that he is loving, etc.?

Is there anything that you believe that you should be responsible for when it comes to this?

Reply:1. Why did God create us?

If He had the angels first why did He need us? The angels are created, they don't reproduce. There are no mommy and daddy angels having baby angels. There are no angel families. So when the angels had free will some rejected God. Not the existence of God, just God's love. The angels are unable to love like us, father and mothers to their children and children to their parents. We were created in His image the image of love and relationships. "It is not good for man to be alone." The Trinity is a love relationship, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Satan knows this and is jealous of us for this so he takes pleasure in tormenting us and destroying our families.

2. Why is He so cryptic? Why can't he flat out make his presence known?

God sent His only Son. Keyword is 'only'. How many times does God need to do this for unbelievers to believe?

3. The God portrayed in the Bible is unloving.

Reading the Bible without any knowledge of how it was written, who wrote it, its many literary styles, and the intended audience, will and usually does lead to many false interpretations about what is written and what it tells us about God. What intelligent person would read Shakespeare without learning about the author, the time in which he wrote, the literary style he choose, and his audience and expect to understand it? Were you reading the Bible with this knowledge first or did you only have what someone else told you about the Bible as your background? It is inspired by God, but it is not inerrant. It is human and Devine. The human part makes it not perfect, but the Devine part overshadows this and allows us to still search for and understand God in its words. It is man's evolution of his understanding of God over time leading up to the ultimate revelation by God Himself, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. Look back in Genesis, "God walked in the garden of Eden." Man's understanding of God at this time is that God had LEGS. God was personable, he could be hidden from. We know that God does not change only man's perception and understanding does.

That's all for now, much, much more could be said, but I get tired of doing the dirty work for others. I had these questions to, but instead of giving up, I studied, and used logic and reason in my search for God. What many atheist don't acknowledge is that the 'existence of God' is a valid hypothesis, and I chose to explore it, and not because I'm afraid of the afterlife or because I need a God to answer questions I can't answer.
Reply:Because Man made Him.
Reply:Because he wanted company. That is why I got my birds. I know they will die someday but I would rather at least have them while I can.
Reply:i believe god created us so that he could just watch us and be happy when we do good and and sad when we are bad and someday when you are judged by what you say is an"unloving God" you will realize that you made a big mistake when you chose satan over God becasue when you are burning in an everlasting fire you will realize that you wished you were walking on streets of gold instead
Reply:he loves u , so he created u so u will spemd eternity with him
Reply:First of all i am not a christian. Just stating my opinion.

You sound like you already know God for who he truly is.

Satan's probably nicer? XD He is the cause of many sins , guilty pleasures and suicide. Satan is just there to test you, to make sure you fail God's test. So that in the end, you end up in hell.

God gives us the chance to choose on our own will. If we are just entertainment, don't you think he would be bored seeing people fall in love and cry and die a million times over? God is a genius, in ways many of us can never understand.

So you say you want God to flat out make his presence known. That way, why don't just God make everyone good, make everything perfect? That way, we don't have to choose, just follow and everythings going to be fine. Do you want to have no freedom of what you should have? God gives us a brain, to choose on our own free will and wisely. But some of us misuse it.

God made his presence known in a million ways, but you just never see it. You didn't notice it when the sun rises up and goes down. Whenever something bad happens, i noticed many never realised what good comes out of it.

About the need to praise god, its because we should never forget who created us. So that we won't try to defy god, like some scientist, and that we won't think satan is god and follow wrong things. God doesn't ask to be praised for his own ego.

This debate about God and why we are given life will forever go on. But i know someday, the answer will come from God himself.
Reply:If you "pick Hell" is Hell you shall have.
Reply:Yeah, that Satan's a good guy. The problem is you just called him a pansy. He may make you pay for that one.
Reply:God made us to see if we worship him. He knows where you will go from the beginning either hell or heaven. This is just like a test, you either pass and go to heaven, or fail and go to hell. No we are not just a game to him. He does care about us, in the Quaran it says God loves you even more than 90 mothers.


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