Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why aren't all you mark martin fans boo hooing about the truck race last night??

i mean that's all mark martin fans do is cry, get over it already, your driver doesn't have what it takes to finish a race, he's a pansy, in the greatest sport there is how can you possibly like a wallflower like mark martin, he has no personality, he never takes a stand on anything, he's lame and boring and will go down in history as the worst driver ever when it comes to finishing a race

Why aren't all you mark martin fans boo hooing about the truck race last night??
probably because that incident looked really funny last night, just jacked him up and sent him on his way, ahahaha.
Reply:You say "The greatest sport there is" as though you were a fan of Nascar or thier affiliate Busch, Craftsman series. If you were a real fan then you know that Mark Martin is one of, if not the most respected driver in Nascar, even by rival drivers and fans. And I am sure that the driver you ruth for would agree with me , So if you or just trying to piss people off then you have succeeded, but in doing so you just showed as many people how stupid you are.
Reply:live and let live duder - get over it
Reply:Because they gave all their tears last week when the Idiot lost the Daytona 500!!!!! Martin is a big baby and so are his fans!!!
Reply:Classic1957gal - I'm thinking he's referring to last night's CTS race and not the Daytona 500. Either way, Mark Martin has to be the classiest driver to get behind the wheel of a stock car. He takes everything with a smile and hardly ever complains about anything that isn't worth the time. For that, I'll forever respect him.

And judging by your response Mr. Gospel-According-To-Me, I take it you're a Jeff Gordon fan, eh?
Reply:Not a Martin fan, now not a fan of you. Your so full of what ever it is that your full of, you can't even think. Martin leads all drivers in Busch wins and has won many truck races. Get outta here dippy.
Reply:sorry i missed the race
Reply:Mark Martin is the most respected driver on the circuit ever.

like they said on Wind Tunnel w/ Dave Despain:

M. Martin wines the least amount of any driver.
Reply:You obviously don't know very much about people or racing, or just don't care to know. You probably like the Busch brothers.
Reply:Looks to me like you are the one complaining. Only you don't have enough guts to say who your driver is so you have to pick on the only guy you can think of because he's been in the news. People like you are just trying to start crap and get a reaction and you succeeded. Good job. At least know what you are talking about when you pick on someones favorite driver. Dumb ***.
Reply:Why would Martin fans be crying? He got 2nd place, and that undoubtedly payed him more than you will make in quite awhile. Mark Martin is a class-act driver. There's more to life than always placing 1st; like enjoying what you do and being good at it. He obviously has that concept and gets a fat paycheck for doing it. There's many drivers much more deserving of your bashing - pick on them instead.
Reply:You are an idiot. You know nothing about Mark Martin so I wouldn't bad mouth him.
Reply:They obviously have better things to do than you.
Reply:mark martin is a legend in his own time, and to bad mouth him like that means that your extremely jealous of him
Reply:Dude....take an Exlax ...or some Colace....or something....maybe a enema....YOU"RE FULL OF ****!

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