Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why do people call me emo?

It seems to be a trend. Whenever i'm driving around blasting my Christian hardcore, post hardcore, sometimes even death metal. All which are Christian music, and has nothing emotional about it. It's better than people's pansy @ss hip hop, and degrading rap music. Anyways, when i'm driving around people always yell out "emo." When it's not even emo, nor do I dress emo. It's so funny how people are. And even if the lyrics and the music sounds devilish, because he has a demonic voice. It's actually all Christian.

That was my rant. Now people tell me why people go around yelling emo at people. Is it a trend, because everyday whereever I go I get yelled at. Can people not tell the difference between rock genres? This isn't even emo that's the thing. It's hardcore ****.

Why do people call me emo?
Because noone likes you. You're a retarded to describe music as "death metal". You're obviously trying to look like you're tough by posting that and show everyone "Hey Look! I listen to music! Can I have a friend now please?". You're three times the retard to listen to christian music. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE CHRISTIAN? I will personally PAY for a gun and a bullet for your suicide if you ever ask.
Reply:I don't have any idea why people do that. In fact I've never seen anyone just yell out and tell somebody that they're emo. Especially if they are listening to hard rock music.
Reply:emos the new "style" ppl say it just to say it so dont worry.
Reply:Have you heard the phrases, "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" ? or " Kick in The Head' ? Just What type of town do you live in? I have never had any problem any where I've lived with my christian music, or any kind of music. What exactly is Emo anyway? If you are driving around town blasting your music with your windows rolled down, then cut it out.... Do you not know there is a noise ordinance (law) against this? Not to mention disrespectful? Are you blasting your music to drown out theirs? If so.. Think about it!!!! If this is not the case, then ask yourself does it matter?
Reply:Because emo is a silly definition of what is essentially a trend defined not by your actual mental state but more often by the image you project. Its in your music, its in your dress sense etc. People regard me as emo sometimes too but I know im not and i think that the term relates to a more shallow expression of teenage desire to fit in as well as the acceptace of a particular scene. Forget the jibes. No matter what image you want to present, if a male has long hair or something they often get called a hippy or something even if they have nothing to do with it. Its probably just your appearance and the sound of your music rather than the content which determine the initial reaction of passers-by but i think u should just keep doing what you want to.
Reply:cus you are stupid.

It's so nice to know that today's youth are preoccupied with the TRULY important questions.


Thanks for your little follow-up there. For a minute I was worried about the state of today's youth, but now that I see you are just a typically uneducated racist, I can rest a little easier.

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