Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why was FOX News scared to air the Democratic response to Bush's speech?

What a cowardly network. Real pansies.

Why was FOX News scared to air the Democratic response to Bush's speech?
They weren't -scared-, this is part of their strategy.

FOX knows what their viewers want to see. They don't want to hear both sides with an open mind and decide for themselves. They already know what they believe. They just want their own unfortunate prejudices reinforced.

If people really wanted to hear both sides and make up their own minds, they'd listen to NPR. In fact even Air America is much more 'fair and balanced' then Fox or other right-wing media.

People who listen to Fox are uncomfortable with 'cognative dissonance'. One major purpose of news media is to teach people -how- to think, but Fox only teaches them -what- to think.
Reply:FOX did air it. I saw it myself this morning.
Reply:state dept says less religious freedom in iraq thanks to bush. the corporate media says we are winning.
Reply:a more appropriate question should be why do the presidential dems rfuse to debate on fox. they did air it though, right? now when do dems man up and answer questions from fox? and for tavis to make it a racial issue is racist in and of itself. does that imply that dems hate everybody that is not them, once again for cancelling their debate in arizona earlier this year and still refusing to be on fox.
Reply:Your link has nothing to do with the question.... and facts straight please... it is the Dems that are affraid of having a debate on Fox... wonder what they are trying to hide?
Reply:Your source is a connection to the Republicans ignoring the minority debate, which I, by the way, think is even more damaging to them. They could at least pretend like they give a crap about minorities
Reply:Perhaps they thought it not worthy of air time. I listened to it. I was unimpressed.

Why do you use words such as "coward" and "pansy"? Can't you make a point without stooping to this level?
Reply:I don't know. I watched the whole thing on NBC.

I didn't see much in the Democratic response that gave me shivers and chills.

Your link is about PBS, however. And I think that's a biased article, personally.
Reply:maybee they are scared of the negative publicity?
Reply:Because they think that all Democrats are traitors.

Funny, I don't feel that way about them. I do feel there are just a bunch of skunks in both parties. Bush to me smells real bad!
Reply:Nobody wants to hear the ravings of lunatics!
Reply:It may be that Fox has deemed the response as not news worthy.
Reply:This was in response because the Democratic candidates have boycotted Fox debates and interviews. The Democrat candidates feel that Fox is extremely biased to the Republicans and history has shown them to be right.

Fox has the right to boycott them too... not necessarilly a smart move but they have that right. I don't think that anyone is scared though. But watch if Fox ratings fall down more by the time of the presidential election (and especially if a Dem wins)... if they fall expect Roger Ailes to lose his job after the election and Fox will get a makeover. Rupert Murdoch has a habit of supporting winners.
Reply:unfair and really off balance?
Reply:Because Bush's speech isn't news. You would be hard pressed to find 10k people (outside of politicians and news organizations) who actually watched Bush's speech. The fact is that no one cares.

And when no one cares no one watches. When no one watches the sponsers don't get any advirtising. You should be able to infer the rest of it from there.
Reply:What makes you think that they were scared? Maybe they assumed (correctly I might add) that the leader of the free world deserved his time with his electorate - with no one else getting the last word as it were for political reasons? You may not like him, but guess what; as of 3 years ago you're still in the MINORITY and until he gets impeached (which ain't going to happen) he is your President - that's with a big P! Oh by the way, I'd dislike it if there were a D in office and a "Republican Response" for the same reasons. Bottom line, it's classless to upstage the President - if someone wants airtime they can buy it choose some other forum.
Reply:because Democrats are crazy! and will wine about it.
Reply:Haven't you heard, they are "fair and balanced"? Hahahaha.

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